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Directed & Produced By Aly Mang

Lyrics By Frank Loesser

This is a Music Video TRIBUTE to one of the most classic, iconic, and cherished Christmas/Holiday songs...

Since you may not be hearing it on the radio as much this season, we hope you can enjoy our 2018 version here. 

Special thanks to Frank Loesser & Dean Martin.

Click the ICON to Listen & Download for FREE on SOUNDCLOUD: 


Director / Producer: Aly Mang |Director of Photography / Editor: Sam Schmitz  |Lead Vocals / Actors: Aly Mang & Ryan Love

Audio Engineer: Malcolm Fong Production Assistant: Marc Reign | Hair & Make-up: Davida Serrano 

Supporting Cast: Marc Reign, Mackenna Wallace, Fanny Abreu, Anyerka Abreu


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