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Original Music: Gary Jules/ Tears For Fears | Lyrics By: Ronald Orzabal

Cover By: Aly Mang


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We are all in a never-ending cycle of learning how to balance the highs and lows of life. Most of us walk around saying we are “ok” when inside we’re completely broken.


Life can be challenging, confusing, heartbreaking... but it can also be complete bliss and some moments can feel like pure heaven on earth.


In the lowest lows, I always try to find the light - the lesson-  the plunge into a deeper awareness of what needs to be healed.



As an actor, studying emotions and finding the root and truth in them, I have always been drawn to the theme of DUALITY and understanding the marriage of two opposing forces...


Comedy & Tragedy, Life & Death, Good & Evil, Hope & Despair, Right & Wrong, Fear & Love...  


“Duality teaches us that every aspect of life is created from a balanced interaction of opposite and competing forces. Yet these forces are not just opposites; they are complementary. They do not cancel out each other, they merely balance each other.”


Our music video cover, “MAD WORLD” is a run-and-gun/ gorilla-style video, largely inspired by the film "Donnie Darko"  with key line, “Destruction is a form of creation.” 

Sometimes things have to fall apart to come back together stronger than before... and most often, there is a silver lining within the chaos.


Hope you enjoy and find an underlying message to never lose hope and to keep the faith in this MAD WORLD...

Everyone is fighting a battle.

Everyone is learning a lesson.

Everyone is doing their best, at their level of awareness and understanding.

But most of all— We are all more alike than we realize and kindness, compassion, and love can change this world...

One person at a time.



Original Music: Gary Jules/ Tears For Fears

Lyrics: Ronald Orzabal

Director of Photography/Editor: Hansel Pacheco

Audio Engineer: Malcolm Fong

BIG THANK YOU to Hansel Pacheco, Sophie & Isla, without whom this video would not be possible!


For more clips/videos/behind-the-scenes, check out: @aly_mang

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